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PastpaperPakistan is a site for the students to make their studies and lives easier on every level. It’s focused on their issues regarding how to study smart, where to get the authentic material to study, which electives to choose to what is the scope of every subject. It will offer tips, how to solutions, sorted out online presences to find online material to study and applications to share them with peers. It will also share what things to avoid in crash studies and debates on student life dilemmas.

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Past papers are a big help for every student in Pakistan. As the exams approach, every student wants to get their hands on the solved past paper solutions. It’s easy to learn from past paper solutions rather than learning through the whole books and solution key books. But in the online world, it gets hard to find an authentic content for preparation.

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Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Pakistan is blessed with the highest ratio of youngsters, the future of tomorrow. 9th class is a major step up towards the career of the tomorrow’s leaders. It is when they choose the major and prepare to challenge life heads on! We aim to help them through all this – by providing them all they need in this journey of success.

Students are done with half of the matriculation here. They have built their basics of every subject. Now is the stage, where the subjects get complicated and a lot of help is needed which they attain from overly expensive tutors and academies. We are here to provide them online solutions, easily accessible to them.

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