Having quick handwriting skills is one of the most important abilities of a student in high school, especially in Pakistani boards. The papers are often quite lengthy and there’s a lot to write for Section C. There are times when students who can’t write quickly end up not being able to finish their paper.

How can you improve your handwriting easily and in time for your board exams? Here are 3 ways:

  1. Set timers
    When you sit down to write answers while studying for your exams, allocate time for each answer and set timers. For example, a question rewarding 8 marks in Section C should not take longer than 15 minutes. A 3-mark question in Section B should only take 5 minutes. If you take longer to answer these questions, you are investing more time than necessary. You might even be writing more than you need to.

Tip! A good way to understand how much time you should spend on each answer and how much detail you need to put in, you can try using past paper solutions to compare and study. Tally your own answers with the ones written in a good past paper solutions book.

  1. Make sure you’re comfortable
    Use a good writing tool, make sure that you’re holding it correctly and focus on your paper rotation. Some people prefer to write with the paper placed in front of them vertically, while others prefer to have it tilted. Using pens that don’t let the ink flow easily or those that have an uncomfortable grip can be bad both for your wrists and your handwriting.
  2. Write more often
    The more you practice writing by hand, the better you will become at it. For high school students, this should not be a problem because there is a lot to write for them. There are many lengthy answers and essays that need to be written by hand in Pakistani boards.

There are some other steps you can take to improve your handwriting, including practicing on copybooks and using handwriting worksheets. However, it is not difficult to work on improving your handwriting as a student in high school.