Federal Board is one of the educational boards of Pakistan, and it is considered to be one of the most difficult boards to study for in Pakistan. For 9th and 10th class, the target is the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and for grade 11 and 12, it’s HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate). Students are allowed to pick one from multiple groups to major in, such as Science (Pre-medical/biology and pre-engineering/computer science), Commerce, and Humanities.


Looking at the subjects and the busy schedule as a high school student, chances are that you’re probably worried out of your mind about how you’re going to prepare for your exams.


By following good learning strategies and exam preparation techniques, you will surely be able to prepare well!


  1. Dividing Time Between Subjects
    Look at the subjects you will be having exams for, and try to allocate a certain time for each subject. For instance, imagine a student who has to study English, Urdu, Maths, Computer Science, and Pakistan Studies. He’s good at English, but his math is weak, and he missed a few classes for computer science. He can start with maths, then study a subject he’s relatively better at like Pakistan studies. After that, he should complete studying for computer science. Then Urdu and English, after which he will go back to revising his maths syllabus.

Tip: If you tend to get bored quickly, try to sort out topics and chapters priority-wise instead of subjects. This way, you’ll be covering different subjects but won’t waste time by getting bored and distracted. However, make sure you have a clear idea of the pace you’re following and exactly how much you’re covering each day/week.

  1. Figuring out Priority Topics
    With the help of lectures and notes, you already will have an idea of which topics are more important than others. Finish preparing for those first, and then start with the rest.

Tip: Write down which topic appears in which section. This will help you get an idea of how to study for each topic. For example, if questions about the human digestive system mostly appear in Section A (MCQs), then you can use online tests for MCQs or just read the chapter thoroughly a few times.

  1. Gathering Studying Resources
    This is a very important strategy. In order to keep the pattern of your board exam in view, you should collect past papers and model papers to prepare. This studying technique is called studying resources, and it’s an important strategy for higher classes. Solve old question papers on your own after studying each subject, and then compare them with good solved papers. This will let you know the keywords and also the marks distribution when you study.
  2. Practice
    Finally, you have to practice. They say that practice makes perfect, and they are not wrong at all. The more you practice for each subject, the better prepared you will be. Use study tips for this step, and cover topics according to your exam preparation plans (as mentioned in #1 and #2).