Chemistry is a challenging subject, with all its math prerequisites, formulas, and the ever-popular periodic table. Most students enrolled in Pakistani boards like Federal Board, even those who enjoy the subjects, are scared of taking chemistry tests because they can’t figure out how to prepare for this science subject. However, chemistry does not have to be so intimidating.

Here are 5 tips to help you not just pass a chemistry test, but to get good marks in it!

Tip # 1 Replace Cramming with Distributive Learning

Avoid cramming because it will not let you retain any information. Try distributive learning instead, which will allow you to cover many topics over a small period of time. Take short breaks between each topic, and study smartly.


Tip # 2 Narrow Down the Topics you Have to Study

Figure out the topics that you will be tested on, and which ones you’ve already prepared for. To find out how much you know, solve past papers and compare your answers with your notes and textbook.

Tip # 3  Good Time Management

Divide your time evenly between each topic, and don’t waste time puzzling over unnecessary topics.


Tip # 4 Master the Basics First — Even Complicated Concepts have a Foundation!

In chemistry, many concepts have exceptions or complicated details. Don’t start focusing on them first. The best thing to do would be to pay attention to and study the basics properly because they will help you compare new concepts and remember them by association.

Tip # 5 Past Papers and Example Questions

Old question papers can be found for all educational boards in Pakistan, including Federal Board. Using past papers will allow you to practice each answer according to the question, and not waste time during the actual test to fit your knowledge into the length required by the marks. They are a very effective resource when it comes to studying smartly within a short time period.