After you’ve spent months fretting over your 10th class exams, the BISE board exams are finally right around the corner. At this point, you are desperate to find the perfect last minute preparation strategy in order to excel in your exams. Here we have provided 5 useful tips to study last-minute and prepare for your class 10th exams.

  • Stay rested, Calm, and Hydrated

Do not allow yourself to fall into a cycle of sleep deprivation and stress at the last minute. You will not be able to concentrate on practicing test papers and revising the syllabus if you are nervous and exhausted. Thus, in order to perform well on your board exams, it is necessary that you take care of yourself by getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water.

  • Organize your Materials

Make sure you organize yourself and have all the materials needed for your board (BISE) exam. This includes gathering all the stationary you will need, including pens, markers, rulers, etc… If you leave this small but crucial step, you will find yourself scrambling to find all these materials right before your exam, and you’ll enter the exam hall breathless and stressed. So, be prepared before you head over for your exam.

  • Review your Notes

In the last leg of your exam preparation strategy, you will surely not have enough time to go through each chapter in your textbook. Instead, look over your notes to recall the important points from each topic in your syllabus. Using flashcards or colour-coded notes are all effective ways of reviewing notes before the exam begins.

  • Look over Past Paper Solutions

You have probably already practiced past papers and BISE test papers in the days before your 10th class board exam. Now in the last minute, your best bet would be to go over some past paper question solutions, especially for the topics you are not as confident in. This will give you a last minute idea of how you should attempt the questions in your exam.

  • Relax

In the final moments before your exam, it is wise to put away all your study materials and allow your brain some time to unwind. Take deep breaths and make sure you are relaxed before entering the examination hall. If you attempt your exam in a stressed state, then you will surely not be able to perform to the best of your ability and will find yourself forgetting information. So believe in yourself and your ability to score well on the BISE exam. Following these last minute study tips will surely help you make the best of your preparation strategy for 10th class board (BISE) exams. Good luck!