FSc students have a lot of responsibility when it comes to preparing for their exams. They have many subjects to study in great detail and it can get quite overwhelming for them.

You are probably advised to follow a schedule in order to prepare for your exams. But how can you create the best time table? Because you can’t avoid all your other responsibilities as a student, and there is a lot to study before your exams begin.

Here are some tips that can help you make a good time table for your exam preparation:

  1. Figure out how much time do you have
    If your exams are a month away, then you only have enough time left for revision. Understand this, and create your schedule according to the time that you have left.
  2. Sort out your priority subjects
    You probably have some subjects that you have been struggling with. Subjects like maths and science can take a lot of time to study for, which means that you will need to complete them first.
  3. Identify the time of the day that best suits you
    Some students focus best when it’s early in the morning, while others study well late at night. Most students, according to scientific research, can focus the best between 10 AM to noon.
  4. Understand your learning style
    FSc students are old enough to understand their own learning styles. If you don’t know yours, then you can try different learning strategies until you figure out your own.
  5. Gather all your studying materials
    Whether you use unsolved or solved past papers, textbook notes, or prefer to just read through your course material until you learn all of it, you will need studying materials. The use of old question or model papers is common in Pakistan for class 9-12 board examinations. You can also use websites like tutoria.pk to study, offering solved past papers, textbook notes, MCQ tests, glossaries, and concept videos.