Studying for Pakistan Studies Federal Board Exam can be an overwhelming task. There are so many names, dates, and important events that occurred in Pakistani History that need to be kept track of, and committed to memory.

  • Create a timeline –

A useful strategy for studying Pakistan studies is to simply make a timeline, list down all the important events which took place and their date. Also include key peoples names in the timeline.

Doing this will help you connect the events which occurred in chronological order, which will help you with learning the dates of each event.

  • Try treating the subject as one big interlinked story –

Pakistan Studies is really just one big story of all the events which took place before the country was formed to date. Try going about studying the different historical events which took place as one story. For example;

Once upon the Mughals ruled, after their rule was over the British took over, The Muslim league was created to fight for Muslims rights etc.

This will not only help make remembering the events easier, but will also make it fun for you!

  • Try to create mind maps to connect events together –

Another good strategy when studying a subject like Pakistan Studies is to make mind maps. These mind maps can help you draw connections of different events which occured throughout Pakistan history. Which will ultimately make studying a whole lot easier.

  • Make Flash Cards to Quiz yourself –

Like with any other subject, practice is key to ensuring you are prepared for your exam. Test your knowledge by testing yourself through using online quizzes, or even making your own games. Past papers are also a very useful place to get questions to test yourself.

Try looking up the past 5 years past papers, and make flash cards with important questions such as “When was the first round table conference?” and have the key points of the answer written at the back of the card to test yourself. You could even use these when studying with friends