Studying is a lengthy task for students, especially those who are in high school. From class 9 to class 12 — students face many problems when it comes to studying. Board examinations are stressful because there is a lot of pressure on you to do well.

The pressure might even lead students to believe that they need to spend as much time as possible to study. They cram for hours on end, and as a result, they hardly remember anything when the time to recall them comes.

How many hours do you actually need to study?

The human brain cannot focus for longer than 45 minutes at a time and needs short breaks every two hours. There is also the fact that humans focus better in the afternoon.

Distributive learning is a highly beneficial learning method that students can use to prepare for their exams effectively. The human mind needs to absorb information and thinking about what you’ve learned can help you retain the information.

If your exams are very close, spend your day studying with 10-15 minute breaks taken between every 2 hours. Get enough sleep and make sure to follow a schedule in your exam preparation in order to make the most of your studying sessions.

Avoid all-nighters no matter what

Not only do all-nighters leave you exhausted, but they also don’t allow you to actually remember what you have studied. According to studies, all-nighters compromise logical reasoning for almost as long as four days.

Studying in Increments

Keeping in mind your ability to focus at a time, the best way to study would be to spend 20-50 minutes with full-focus. After that, take a 10-minute break to let your mind absorb the material. You will find yourself able to study and retain the knowledge much better.


Beware of distractions! The more you let things distract you, the less you will be able to study. This may seem like an obvious thing, but many students overlook this important fact. Put your phone, tablet, and computer away when you study. If you need to use them to study, then consider using site blockers.

Our ability to keep ourselves in line is at its weakest when we’re doing something we are not interested in.