Biology can be a challenging subject for those in the 9th or 10th class, as it contains a lot of complicated scientific names, diagrams, and experiments. However, if you give yourself sufficient time to study, then retaining this information will become easier.

You may know everything there is to know about Biology, but if you have a poor paper attempting strategy, and little past papers practice then that may not matter. Here are some useful tips on how to attempt your Final Board Biology Exam.

  • Answer the question in accordance to the marks allocated –

When attempting a Biology Exam, always structure your exam in accordance to the number of marks allocated. If there are 2 marks allocated for a question on “Joints”, then only a definition would be required. There would be no need to go into depth about the types of joints there are unless the question was of 5 marks.

  • Be prepared for Lab experiments/ Practicals –

Lab experiments and practicals are a part of Biology exams. It is therefore, crucial that you are prepared to have to explain the purpose, process and steps of the practicals in full detail.   

  • Draw Diagrams where necessary –

To illustrate your understanding of concepts in Biology, drawing diagrams is vital. Therefore, even if a question does not explicitly ask you to draw a diagram it is a good idea to draw and label one for questions worth more marks. This will demonstrate that you fully understand the concept at hand.

  • Ensure your answers are  precise and to the point –

It is important to ensure that your answers to the questions are precise and to the point. You should not add additional, or irrelevant points in your solution. For example, if the question asks about “Global Warming and its Causes” there is no need to go in depth about air pollution. Your answer should be relevant and to the point.

  • Review your answers –

Always take time to review your answers at the end. This will give you time to review, and find any mistakes that you have made. It will also give you the opportunity to add any vital information which you may have omitted. Also make sure your paper presentation is neat!