Giving Federal Board exams can potentially be the most nerve wracking task for students in Pakistan.

Most of us, tend to leave preparing for our examinations for the last minute. Coupled with too little time, and an intense syllabus to cover for each subject we tend to get overwhelmed.

Luckily, there are ways to minimize your exam anxiety and help you with your exam preparation through e-learning.

  1. Create a Study Schedule that works for you –

Give yourself ample time to study. Set your exam schedule for a fixed period of time daily. Map out which subjects are more difficult and require more time to prepare, and give them more time accordingly.

Remember that on average a person can only focus with concentration for 2 continuous hours. So set your study schedule in intervals allowing yourself breaks in between.

  1.  Establish a study environment which is distraction free –

Find a quiet, distraction free environment to study. Contrary, to what many us tend to believe it is not possible to concentrate and study with the tv blaring in the background, or texting.

Find a nice quiet place where you can sit up, and be able to focus on your subject free of any distractions. Visit your library, or find a quiet room in the house.

  1.  Try Using Online Preparation Tools –

There are many online preparation tools which help with exam preparation. Go over past papers, and applications which can test your knowledge after you study a topic. This can help give you a good idea of how much more effort you need to put in to get your dream score!

  1.  Break down your Chapters and focus more on base concepts –

A helpful technique to help students when studying is to break down your chapter before getting started. This can help you determine what the base concept is for each topic, and which topics are extensions.

Focus more of your time in mastering these base concepts. If you build a solid foundation for these topics, it will become easier to tackle the rest of the chapter.

  1.  Teach your friends –

After studying a topic, try to teach a friend, or family member what you have learned. Approaching your study material in a way to teach others actually helps you learn it better, and retain it within less time.