Urdu is a compulsory subject for students all over Pakistan. It is lengthy, and many students often struggle with getting good marks in it. The difference between the Urdu in matric and intermediate, especially in Lahore Board and Gujranwala Board, makes students fear for the worst to happen.

After the easygoing pace of the subject in 9th class and 10th class, students can’t help but worry about not being able to get good marks in their intermediate Urdu.

Here are 5 steps you have to follow to get high marks in Urdu as a student in FA or FSc:

  • Improve your ability to read and write in Urdu
    Urdu is a detailed language. It is not as easy as English to read and write in. Intermediate Urdu, especially, requires good vocabulary. Even your handwriting matters a lot in your exam. Try reading Urdu newspapers or books more often, and write summaries of them in a notebook.
  • Practice vocabulary relevant to your textbook
    If you have a strong vocabulary but you aren’t used to the words that are used frequently in your textbook, then you’ll struggle with the subject. Pay attention to the glossaries and underline any unique words to ask your teacher about. You can even look them up in a dictionary.
  • Solve Urdu past papers to practice
    Urdu past papers are often an all-in-one exam preparation material. You can solve 5-years to get used to the exam format and also understand which topics are more important than the others. You can use online studying platforms to take advantage of the available study materials, like Tutoria.pk, which offers notes and materials to students in boards like Lahore Board and Gujranwala Board.
  • Read the textbook multiple times
    You’ll have to know all the chapters to be able to answer all the questions in Section A and B. There will be stories and poems in your book and reading them multiple times will perfect your exam preparation for Urdu.
  • Pay attention to what you write
    Sometimes, in their exam stress, students don’t realize what they’re writing. Avoid being redundant in your answers and answer each question with a clear head.

If you have practiced your writing speed and ability, you should have no trouble with saving enough time in the end to review your paper.