Students class 9 and higher have standardized board examinations in Pakistan, called SSC (I & II) and HSSC (I & II). In these exams, they have to follow a certain pattern in their answers. They are often very lengthy and take a lot of time to write. Whether it is the Federal Board, Punjab boards, Sindh boards, or KPK boards — students have to meet a certain standard all over the country.

One of the things that the boards focus on when grading papers, is the paper presentation of candidates. They expect to see neat, legible handwriting with to-the-point headings and answers with relevant details.

Typically, students struggle to finish their paper in time to review their answers and make everything more presentable. How can you improve your writing speed for your board exams?

  • Practice

 Practice writing down your answers by solving past papers, or just write everything down as you study. The more you write, the better you’ll get at it.

  • Good posture

Good posture is sitting with your feet flat against the ground, your back and hips supported by a chair at a 90° angle, with your forearms resting comfortably on the desk surface.

  • Holding your pen

Make sure that the way you naturally hold your pen feels comfortable for you. Gripping your pen tightly or loosely doesn’t affect writing speed. If the way you hold your pen feels uncomfortable, try different angles until you find the best one.

  • Use good pens

If your pen keeps running out of ink, or it’s not as smooth as it should be and it makes you have to go back and overwrite, it’s not a good pen. Boards require students to use fountain pens, so make sure that you use one that doesn’t leak.


  • Set timers

When practicing writing, try setting timers for each answer. It should usually take you no longer than 5 minutes for each short answer, and longer questions can take 10-20 minutes.