After finishing middle school, students move up to high school and college. Studying and learning successfully is harder than it seems, especially when your material is detailed and complex. Students often struggle to keep up with the curriculum of higher classes.

The two types of learning abilities, analytical and intuitive learning, are different from each other. Some things can only be learned by the analytical system, or the reasoning system, which is how you learn consciously. Meanwhile, the intuitive system is how we learn without being aware of it.

As a student, you need to be able to enhance both of your learning systems in order to study effectively.

How can you improve your learning abilities?

Improve your learning environment

Your learning environment is something that you likely neglect when it comes to studying. Choose a place where your mind works best, and make sure that your space has a very small amount of noise.

Take care of your health

Exercise, get enough sleep, and eat healthily. Doing so would not just improve your physical health. Studies show that eating meals rich in fats slows brain performance and especially greasy food like fast food and other fried items. You should get 8-9 hours every night, or else your brain will struggle to retain information and fail to perform many of its functions.
Studies also show that even 20 minutes of exercise every morning improve brain performance significantly.

Practice spaced learning
Distributive and spaced learning methods incorporate the focus and diffuse method, letting your mind take a break after absorbing information to improve retention and the ability to sequence ideas.

Test yourself
Use old question papers and test yourself on every topic. Even if you’re not studying to prepare for an exam, self-testing has been proved as a strategy to improve your understanding of a concept.

Think about what you’re studying
Study the material thoroughly and think about it. Solve problems in your mind and relate it to real-life situations. Master the concept completely.

Take organized notes

The way you take your notes is an underrated but important part of studying. Using colors, neat writing, and keywords are all essential to effective learning. You will find yourself able to focus better and your speed of processing information will also improve significantly.