Preparing for an MCQ exam is something that students often stress out about. However, many consider multiple choice exams to be easier than essay exams because they take less time. They are also easier to focus on. What are the best ways to study for a multiple choice exam?

  1. Start early
    Your preparation for your MCQ exams begins from the first day of your academic year. Pay attention to your lectures and absorb as much detail as possible. The questions in your multiple choice exam will be about dates, names, and other specific details. You will need to remember everything that you study.
  2. Study in detail
    Unlike essay exams, you can’t even try to compensate for forgetting a detail. You will lose a mark in your MCQ exam if you can’t remember or don’t know an exact detail. When you spread out your notes to prepare, make sure that you have covered as many details as possible.
  3. Answer before you read the options
    During your exam, you’ll be faced with the doubt that follows too many options. For example:

        Q. When did the United Nations come into existence?

  1. October 25th, 1945
  2. October 24th, 1945
  3. October 25th, 1947
  4. October 24th, 1947

The correct answer is option b, but candidates will be confused by how similar the options are. The best way to avoid this would be to try to answer the question before you read the options.

  1. Use past papers
    solving past papers, or reading through solved past papers, can perfect your knowledge of your syllabus. Past paper solutions basically save the time you will spend going through your textbook over and over again and make exam preparation easier for you.
  2. Take quizzes and MCQ tests
    many websites offer MCQ tests for different subjects. There are also some websites that can help you prepare for MCQs according to your board of education. This can make your exam preparation faster.