If you are studying for your board exams and feel as though there is only a short time left to prepare yourself, do not fall into panic mode. There are still some exam preparation techniques you can follow in order to make the most of the short time you have left.

  • Be Realistic

In the short time period before your exams, it is the time to start setting realistic goals for yourself. Do not be overdramatic and stressed, but keep things in perspective. There would not be enough time to re-learn the entire matric syllabus from scratch, so do not expect yourself to do so. Instead, focus on the most important topics. Spend time going over the topics you struggle with, but also revise your strongest topics so that at the very least, you can score marks in those areas.

  • Avoid Cramming

No matter what, you should avoid cramming in the last minute. This is a popular but not very effective exam technique, as it does not allow you to understand the information. Instead, it is a method where you try to memorize paragraphs of text solely for the purpose of the exam. Due to the nervousness you will feel right before the exam, you are likely to forget completely all that you have crammed. So do not waste hours cramming, as there are better ways to utilize the limited time you have.

  • Practice Past Papers

Obtaining past papers of your local board exam for each subject, (e.g. matric past papers, etc…) will give you a good idea of the paper pattern for your exam. It will also give you an understanding of the way that questions are asked. Consulting solved past papers will be even more useful in this short time, as you will be able to see how to attempt each question. For example, consulting solved math past papers will show you the steps necessary to solve each question and score maximum marks.

Instead of losing hope in the last few days before your exam, it is better to adopt clever exam techniques that will help you maximize the amount of studying you can cover in the limited time you have left. Focusing on topical matric past paper questions and revising notes of certain topics will help you absorb more information than simply cramming. So do not stress and keep a realistic approach in order to score good marks in your board exam, even within a short time!