Your syllabi get more and more detailed as you move up to higher classes. Ninth graders, being completely new to board exams and studying with a new pattern tend to easily get overwhelmed. With the pressure of doing well in your exams and preparing in very limited time, you look for ways to study effectively with the least amount of hassle.

Here are 7 tips to help you study smart and not just hard!

  1. Stay organized
    Most schools in Pakistan require you to maintain a daily diary, like a homework planner. If your school doesn’t, then you should do it on your own. This way you will never lose track of any assignments or tasks and will be able to study smoothly.
  2. Pay attention to lectures
    Paying attention in class will let you understand the base concepts through an easier way. Your teachers plan lectures in a way to deliver the topic to you effectively. Make sure to take notes!
  3. Simplify your notes and summarize
    In class, you will take extremely detailed notes that will often contain unnecessary information. When you’re studying, the best way would be to learn how to summarize and simplify your notes.
  4. Avoid distractions
    Turn off your phone, or use app/site blockers if you have to use the internet to study. Sit in a place with the least amount of distractions.
  5. Gather studying materials
    Getting up in the middle of your studying session or having to break it because you don’t have all the materials you need to study will not only waste your time but also make you lose motivation. Whether you’re using past papers, online resources, textbook solutions, or anything else — make sure you’re well prepared.
  6. Study in bursts
    As we know, the human mind can’t focus for a long time at once. You need breaks to study effectively.
  7. Ask questions
    If you have any confusions related to your course material, you should not hesitate to ask your teachers about them. If you’re too shy to raise your hand in class, jot it down and ask your teacher once the class is over. They’ll be happy to help, and you’ll save valuable time.