After finishing secondary school, students in Pakistan eagerly look forward to college. Higher secondary education requires more responsibility on the part of students. Better study skills are needed, and students have to do many things independently.

From writing lengthy essays, finding answers to complicated questions, to solving complex problems — college students need to do more to succeed in both their academic year and their final board exams.

What are the best study skills for college students?

1. Time Management
College students need to be able to manage their time better and to follow a schedule that allows them to keep up with all parts of their lives.

Tip! Maintain a planner or an organizer, whether it’s online or in a journal.


2. Reading Critically
Reading your textbooks critically and effectively is important so you can find answers and develop your own thinking process.

Tip! Pick passages from your textbooks, or find other academic writing, and read it in a way that you will be able to write a proper summary of it.


3. Note Taking

It is highly important to take good and detailed notes. Notes help you study for your exams and write essays.

Tip! Use colorful pens or pencils to make your notes more organized.


4. Writing Essays
Your essay-writing needs to be clear and to-the-point while maintaining a vocabulary of your level. College students have to write many essays.

Tip! Pick topics from your textbooks, and practice writing essays on them every week.


5. Academic writing
In this style of prose, the writer takes on a detached tone. In college papers, students need to be objective and straightforward.

Tip! Write academic writing pieces on topics relevant to your curriculum and improve your writing style.


6. Spelling and Grammar
You must make sure to have perfect grammar and spelling. In your exams, mistakes like these lower the overall level of your answers and writing.

Tip! Use apps and exercise books to practice your grammar and spelling.


7. Revising and Examinations Skills
Revision techniques include using flashcards, reading, and organizing your notes. Examination sitting skills include following the format required by your board of education.

Tip! Use past papers to learn and practice the format of your board exams.