The emergence of modern educational technology has essentially reshaped the landscape of education in the 21st century. Online education, or ‘e-learning’, is a rising industry that’s taking over the education system in all parts of the world.

With the convenience it offers to busy students of all ages and capabilities, it can be observed that more and more students are choosing online learning over the traditional learning system.

Gone are the days of blackboards, chalk, the excessive weight of textbooks as you carry them from your desk to your bag every day, and the stress that comes with it. For students in the secondary stage of schooling, online learning is the answer to many problems.

But there’s a question that pops into the mind of every Pakistani student studying for board exams:

How to succeed in exams through online learning?

When preparing for your exams online, follow these tips and strategies to ensure you’ll succeed.

  1. Know the Exam Pattern
    You can learn the pattern of your exam by using past papers — both solved and unsolved. Try solving them on your own, and follow the marking scheme of your board. These papers can be found online on many websites.
  2. Practice MCQs Online
    There are a few websites that let you take MCQ tests according to the pattern of your educational board. Take advantage of this opportunity and practice as many MCQs as you can online.
  3. Watch Related Videos and Read Related Articles
    The human mind learns in many different ways, and learning the topics that you have to study by watching related videos and reading related articles may help your mind learn by association.
  4. Manage your Time Wisely
    Students who are used to studying online may not be efficient with timing. With board examinations looming over them, students should make sure to manage their time according to what they have to study. Using reminders, task lists, and other online tools may help you become more efficient.

Online learning is similar to traditional learning when it comes to succeeding in your exams. Because the final preparation for exams is almost always done by studying alone. Whether you use an online medium to prepare or prefer traditional studying methods is up to you and your learning style.