According to the Pakistan Economic Survey 2017-18, the literacy rate in Pakistan is 58 percent, declining from 60 percent.

The literacy rate of males was 70 percent and a mere 48 percent stood as the literacy rate of females. The enrollment rates (gross) between the two genders have a gaping difference of 94 percent for males with 78 percent for females.

According to the survey, the literacy rate includes then years old and above. The national net enrollment rate for all over Pakistan is a low 54 percent. Punjab leads with 59 percent, then Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 53 percent, with Sindh and Balochistan 48 and 33 percent. The gross enrollment rate for Pakistan is 87 percent with Punjab in the lead again at 93 percent, followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at 88 percent, Sindh at 78 percent with Balochistan 60 percent.

The overall education condition is based on key performance indicators such as enrolment rates, number of institutes and teachers which have experienced minor improvement. The total number of enrolments at the national level during 2016-17 stood at 48.062 million as compared to 46.223 million during 2015-16. This shows a growth of 3.97 percent and it is estimated to further rise to 50.426 million during 2017-18.

The education in Pakistan is indicated by the enrollment rates, the number of institutes and teachers, and some other performance factors.

The factors that affect the literacy rate of Pakistan include the quality of education, gender bias, harmful traditions, and other socioeconomic factors like the class difference. The cost of quality education discourages many families with low-income levels.

The strategies that the government should incorporate in order to improve the literacy rate of the country should begin with restoring the quality of education in government schools and colleges and making high-standard education accessible for families with lower economic standings. Administrative efforts in rural areas should also be focused on.

As the federal minister addressed the Senate in December 2018, he promised that the measures to improve adult literacy through campaigns will upgrade the adult literacy rate in Pakistan to 10-15 percent.