Majority of the students are hibernating and enjoying winters in November and December and as soon as January comes in, they realize their final examination followed by sendups are just a few days away. In such a hurry, they try to schedule their time table and divide the chapters and then subjects according to the number of days left. But number of days, and number of hours available are exceeded by the number of chapters and definitions to remember. Now either the students fall into panic or they turn their heads to past paper solutions, and online platforms to find a condensed concentrated answers to learn and memorize to pass their sendups and then score in final exams.

There are a lot of platforms left unexplored in Pakistan that do provide some preparatory materials, with past papers and notes for their difficult chapters. PastpaperPakistan is such a site for the students where they can find the authentic content and other related information – all in one platform.

Some of the emphasized topics here would be:

1- Past papers Solutions

We aim to discuss all the past paper solutions, and specifically about the difficult subjects. We will also provide links to different websites, and platforms that offer the related content and solutions for the students of all grades and all boards of Pakistan.

2- News updates

We will be keeping the students updated about all the news update regarding the date sheets, examinations update, results updation, new policies and regulations, holidays and other sections that are linked with the students of Pakistan.

3- Interactive

Our blog posts would allow the students to question, ask and comment on anything and we will cater to their queries, and link up them with websites that can provide them with the relevant content.

4- Know-how

We will also be posting about how to make studies easier, fun and faster. About how smart study can get you the grades you want so bad. We will be posting on different issues regarding student life.

Students can also let us know about which topic do they want information to be shared, and we will post about that.

5- Online learning content

Now a days, everyone is learning online and online education is in no way left behind. We aim to update about the subjects they can learn online, content they can access, and the best sites to learn from. It includes both the information of applications, websites and various portals.

6- Selective subjects and respective scope

Students go through a lot of confusion while stepping up to choose which field should they go in and which subjects can lead to success. To remove that confusion, we will share intellectual knowledge based on research from Pakistan and all around the world, so that you can choose what really motivates and interests you.