Preparing for final exams is one of the most stressful tasks in the life of a student. And that is understandable. The pressure that is placed on students to excel in their examinations is often almost unbearable and surviving through that is what makes every student a capable and competent learner. Here are a few tips that actually work to help you prepare for your exams:

  • Active Studying

    Just sitting down with your textbook and poring over it for hours won’t get you anywhere, no matter what you have been lead to believe. Your mind will not retain or even absorb any information by doing so. For effective exam preparation, try to study the concepts of your material and understand them completely. Create charts for the ideas, make connections and associations, and learn the concept.
  • Distributed Practice

    This learning technique is basically letting your mind file the information away. Distribute your time over every topic that you have to study, and take short breaks between each subject. This method is especially effective for exam preparation.
  • Practice Testing and Self-Analysis

    Test your knowledge after studying, or even before studying. This will not only help your mind retain the information you absorbed in a testing environment, but it will also let you understand how much you actually have to study.
  • Create a Studying Schedule and Stick to it

    Figure out which time works best for you, and build your schedule around it. Whether you’ve decided to dedicate a day to each subject or are opting for distributive practice, following a schedule will motivate you and keep your attention.
  • Studying Environment
    For some people, complete silence is their ideal learning environment. You probably already know yours, and try to make sure that you’re studying in that kind of environment.

# Bonus Tip! If you know which time you will have your exam, try to study at that time too. Sit in a similar environment with the same kind of background noise. This will let your mind recall information much easier while in the examination room.