Return on investment (ROI) is used to compare the benefits gained over the costs incurred by a particular investment. In other words, return on investment (ROI) calculates the profitability of an investment. When it comes to investing in technology, there are many benefits which can be gained. It is important to consider the different advantages that technology can bring, not only for entertainment activities but also from an educational point of view.

As there is continuous innovation in technology, it has also made its way into the education sector. Many schools and institutions around the globe are integrating innovative technological teaching methods into its school curriculum. This includes LMS (learning management system) portals for students and teachers to access. This facilitates communication between students and their teachers, as assignments can be assigned, submitted and graded online, attendance can be marked and viewed online, etc… This reduces delays and increases efficiency, leading to a higher ROI.

Moreover, there has been an increase in innovative teaching methods and activities through the use of technology. For example, interactive online discussion boards where teachers and students can communicate and discuss their course-related problems is a new way of teaching. Not only that, but teachers also use technology to give students online educational or revision “games” to help them practice the topics that they are taught. In this way, the learning process is combined with entertaining activities in order to create a new, innovative and effective educational experience.

Thus, the advancement and innovation of traditional teaching methods have allowed institutions to provide its students with an educational experience that they enjoy, for its entertainment elements rather than the traditional, monotonous education system. Ultimately, this leads to a much greater return on investment (ROI) as the effectiveness of technology to provide quality education as well as entertaining activities has greatly enhanced the learning process for many students, as well as teachers and hence education institutions as a whole.