As a student in high school or a teacher, you will notice that every student behaves and learns differently. And aside from those differences, you will see certain types of groups. This is what the comical stereotypes which you see in movies directed towards a teenage audience are based on. There are different types of learning styles, and these subgroups divide high school students according to their interests and engagements in a learning environment.

According to a survey in the US of 2,000 grade 10 to 12 students, there are six subgroups in which high school students can be divided. They are as follows:

  1. Subject Lovers
    These students are also often over-achieveing: they enjoy studying, and they also enjoy getting good grades. They enjoy the academic part of school more than anything. These students are more likely than their peers to report that their favorite thing about school is the academic classes.
  2. Emotionals
    This subgroup, while aren’t necessarily the best academic performers, generally have positive feelings about school. They don’t mind devoting more time in school and thrive in smaller schools that are closely connected.
  3. Hand Raisers
    They are active in class and they apply themselves in classroom debates, buy display general disinterest in activities outside of the classroom.
  4. Social Butterflies
    Social butterflies are the type of students that enjoy the social aspect of school the best. They enjoy interacting with peers and teachers and engaging in extracurricular activities.
  5. Teacher Responders
    These students generally have a people-pleasing attitude, especially towards authority figures or instructors. They value close relationships with teachers and educators.
  6. Deep Thinkers
    These students are basically independent learners and take school seriously. They like to figure out things on their own and are basically more introverted. They pay attention to lectures.