As technology continues to progress, modern educational trends are developing and innovating at a rapid pace. There is much to look forward to in the modern digitized educational sector, and there are so many new, exciting ways to study and learn, without the old-school burden of “being buried in books”. There are several fascinating learning trends to look forward to, as the international development of study technology is quickly taking place.

Artificial Intelligence and e-learning:

One rapidly rising learning trend is the use of artificial intelligence combined with e-learning. Machine learning allows the LMS to continue to improve the quality and type of study content provided by students by collecting big data and previous user data. As a result, students are provided with much more personalized study tools and materials.


In international development, gamification is a method of learning that involves using game-design elements which students can “play” and absorb knowledge and learning at the same time. Gamification is a wonderful new innovation for those students that tire from simple reading easily and who have a passion for gaming. Gamification allows the student to actively learn from simple, fun “games” without the usual burden one might feel from studying.

Digital Literacy:

Now more than ever, students are being encouraged to self-study and learning by seeking information through digital means. Even in classrooms, teachers are allowing students to use computers, laptops, and even their mobile phones to acquire relevant information. Some even use a “flip classroom” education situation where students study the materials on their own through online learning platforms, and then discuss it within the classroom. There are many tools and applications available all over the internet that can provide mediums of digital literacy.

Augmented Reality in Education:

As humans we are visual creatures, and students in general tend to be drawn more towards visual representations of information, such as graphics, animations, etc… Thus, augmented reality is a growing trend in international development. In augmented reality, students learn from graphics and animations, such as 2D diagrams. This can be combined with other education methods in order to provide students with an enjoyable learning experience.

Thus, there are many educational and learning trends that students have to look forward to in this modern age. Internationally, there is continuous development for new and innovative learning techniques and methods.