As a 10th class student whose final exams are drawing closer, and time slips faster than you can realize, you start worrying more about how to prepare for your exams instead of actually studying for them.

With the help of past papers, you can save a lot of time when it comes to studying for any and all educational boards of Pakistan. Students studying for 10th class in English medium often struggle to divide their time carefully between all subjects, but the availability of solved past question papers is a great convenience.

10th class English is usually time-taking for most students, especially those who are enrolled in Pakistani boards of education such as Lahore board.

So, how many hours do you need to study every day as a 10th class student?

Aside from your school hours, you should spend 2-3 hours studying daily, in which you can do your homework and revise the day’s lessons. The time you need depends on your learning style, which you can find out by observing the way you retain information.

Here are a few tips to maximize the hours you spend with your studying material:

  1. Use past papers to study. In order to secure great marks in your board examinations, regardless of which board (e.g, Federal Board, Lahore Board, Karachi Board, Rawalpindi Board, Peshawar Board, etc.) you’re studying for.
  2. Speed tests. Board exams are usually lengthy, especially in subjects like 10th class Pakistan Studies, English, and Urdu. You need to be able to think as you write.
  3. Focus on the skills you’ll need in your exam aside from your course material too. Knowing the paper pattern, being able to write legibly, perfecting your grammar and spelling, and memorizing fundamental mathematical formulas are some examples.

Basically, figure out how the time you need to study, because it’s different for everyone. There is no general answer for this question, aside from spending 2-3 hours reviewing the day’s work and using past papers to practice the questions that’ll appear in your board exams.