Students are always busy. Assignments, projects, tests, and many other things keep them busy all year. This means that students often end up wasting time when they should be focusing and end up working at home. High school is difficult,  especially for students in Pakistan education boards like Lahore, Federal, and Gujranwala boards.

How can students balance their tasks at home with their work at school, especially when it’s time for exam preparation?


  • Don’t waste time when you’re at school
    When students have free time at school, aside from their lunch break, they waste time by doing things that they can do later. This is understandable for younger students, but high school students should stay focused and use this unexpected free time to work on solving past papers or studying for their exams. If exams are far away, it would be best to complete homework assignments.
  • Avoid distractions
    Checking or using your phone at school, or talking to your classmates when it’s time to focus is going to distract you for a longer period of time and will just increase your workload for later.
  • Learn to work faster
    When you have tasks that you need to complete, you should increase your speed. Don’t rush, but don’t go slow either. It’s best to complete a task as soon as possible without compromising quality.
  • Improve your focus
    Most high school students don’t have a good attention span. Moreover, improving your ability to focus is not an easy task. Try eating foods that are good for your mind, and try to keep a goal in mind at all times.
  • Figure out ways to make your work quicker
    Work smart, not just hard. There are many things that don’t need hard work. Figure out what they are and save time for your exam preparation.
  • Stay organized
    Disorganization can cause many problems. Sort out your studying materials like past papers for your educational board and gather your notes.

Following these tips to study throughout your academic year will surely make studying much easier, whichever board you’re from. Lahore, Gujranwala, and Federal Board, etc. all follow similar systems in both matriculation and intermediate classes.