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Frequently Asked Questions

There might be some questions in your mind while visiting our site. The most frequently asked questions have been answered below for your ease and contentment.

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Q1 - Is online education as effective as face-to-face learning?

There are pros and cons to both of the learning methodologies. But online education is the top trend now and it offers multiple platforms with videos slides documents and lectures to study with and preparing for anything at all.

Q2 – How do I know if an online studying program is authentic and credible?

There can always be issues with credibility of an online course or study material but you can always filter the right ones. You can see if the website is protected reviews by other students and rating by google and other rating platforms.

Q3 – Can we learn online from mobile devices?

The prior trend was e-learning but now it is shifting towards m-learning i.e. mobile learning. There are now more users to smartphones than the laptops and PC’s. So yes. You can learn online from your smartphone as the contents responsiveness is assured.

Q4 – Can we share screens and study at the same time?

 Students want to share screens while studying or group studying with a distance. There are many soft-wares you can download to share your screen video call and study together for your final exams. E.g. team viewer

Q5 – Can we trust online educational platforms to prepare for board exams?

You can surely trust online platforms to help you study efficiently for board exams. You just need to make sure of the right platform which is credible and authentic as mentioned in above question online platforms are offering multiple forms of content to help students study online.